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Protect and Control your Designs with Microsoft Azure Information Protection

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Limit access to your CAD designs 

When you share your CAD designs with third parties (e.g. contractors, suppliers, etc.) you can limit who has access to them. You can ensure that only specific users have access and nobody else. You can limit what different users can do with your designs: view only, edit, plot/print, etc.

Azure Information Protection for AutoCAD SealPath plugin

Easy to use. Powerful protection

  1. Protect your designs with the AIP client app using a template or granular permissions.
  2. Share your protected designs with your partners.
  3. The RMS plugin for AutoCAD will enforce permissions when your partners open your designs.

Want to see it in action?

Set expiration dates to the desings and revoke access in real timeAudit who and when is accessing to the designs

Track the access to your intellectual property in your CAD designs, even when they travel outside of the organization, through the Azure Information Protection Portal.

Set the date until which your collaborators can access the protected designs. After this date, they will not be able to access your drawings unless you extend the access period.

Revoke access to your CAD files remotely even when they are outside your corporate network. Set the precise permissions you want for your collaborators (view only, edit, print/plot, copy & paste). 

Configure expiry dates 

Revoke access

Usage tracking

Protection with Azure Information Protection integrated with AutoCAD

The designs are secured using the proven and robust technology of Microsoft Azure Information Protection integrated with the AutoCAD suite (from v2012 to v2018). SealPath enables native protection of AutoCAD drawings with the CAD protection plugin.

Recommended for…

Companies in the sectors of design, manufacture, R&D, industry, that use Autocad and need to protect the intellectual property of their designs and maintain control over it. Using SealPath, the designs can be kept encrypted and they will be able to control what their collaborators can do with them, denying access if the collaboration has ended and auditing access to their intellectual property.

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